The Legendary Kelpie of Scotland - Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

  • күнү жарыяланды 2019-ж., 12-мар.
  • In today's episode, Sapphire tells the tale of V, whose life changed forever on her birthday...
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  • Mário.Krauss Krauss
    Mário.Krauss Krauss 5 саат мурун

    Can you pls make hanako san

  • Abdullah Al-Mansoor Ansary
    Abdullah Al-Mansoor Ansary 5 саат мурун

    Wat is wrong with freakin kelplkkji whatsoever

  • Isabella.M
    Isabella.M 5 саат мурун

    First: This video is REALLY good
    Second: I LOVE “where the red fern grows” I cried on the last chapter!!!

  • Jop van Breukelen
    Jop van Breukelen 6 саат мурун

    What part of Asia Ar you from i really want to
    Know correct me if your not even Asian

  • Alois Trancy
    Alois Trancy 7 саат мурун

    So this is why my dad is scared of horses

  • benilda concepcion
    benilda concepcion 7 саат мурун

    wait im in scotland....time to move to america

  • Maya Wolf
    Maya Wolf 8 саат мурун +1

    Love ur vids. 😐

  • Dab Police
    Dab Police 8 саат мурун

    If i dont know someone but if they know my name i run away

  • Waffle Gaming :3
    Waffle Gaming :3 9 саат мурун


    Scottish,Edinburgh Like if you agree...

  • Adrija Chakraborty
    Adrija Chakraborty 9 саат мурун

    I have watched EVERY video of you and my request to u is to make a video on teke teke... The japanese legend.. You will get the story on internet

  • Yøöngï's Lïl Hoë
    Yøöngï's Lïl Hoë 9 саат мурун

    Uh oh--*hears the name V*

    Me:PaNdA eXprEsS !!!!

  • Durp
    Durp 10 саат мурун +1

    Oh Hell Nah

  • Jay-ar Tantoy
    Jay-ar Tantoy 10 саат мурун

    Omg is this real if it is well GOOD BYE ME!😖😖😖😖😖

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    Big Turtle 11 саат мурун


  • I made this to comment ,Why YouTube
    I made this to comment ,Why YouTube 12 саат мурун +1

    “if you wanna get a better night sleep-“ me: DONT WATCH HORROR STORIES AT NIGHT

  • Bank Yen
    Bank Yen 14 саат мурун

    Watching this 2 times now 2019.¿¿¿

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  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy 14 саат мурун

    I got one ! It is called " Tomino's Hell " , is a poem that you should not read out loud or else tragic things happen is a curse in japan and is popular in japan

  • Danrosbelt
    Danrosbelt 14 саат мурун


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    MikeSDC 15 саат мурун


  • Charles Reyes
    Charles Reyes 15 саат мурун

    Kelpie the legendary pokemon

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    Juan Lopez 15 саат мурун

    WTF is an auting?

  • Strawberry Lemonade
    Strawberry Lemonade 15 саат мурун

    I kinda wanna recommend a scary story but I don’t think it’s scary enough

  • Lils
    Lils 17 саат мурун

    can anyone tell me what Sapphire always says in the intro of every video? the "hey ???, it's your ???, Sapphire." i'm very confused and can't figure out what she's saying, help me

  • Wave Animates
    Wave Animates 17 саат мурун +1

    Scary demon horse? Shoot it!
    Demon horse that looks like a lady? Shoot it!
    Hand stuck to demon horse? *ShOoT iT!*

  • RisingStarFalls
    RisingStarFalls 17 саат мурун

    I know this sound out of place but I really, really like your drawings that go along with the stories. Can you post a video with a tutorial on how you illustrate for the Something Scary videos?

  • Emma Hamilton
    Emma Hamilton 18 саат мурун

    Where the Red Fern grows? This girl's got another round of trauma coming

  • The Secret Weapon
    The Secret Weapon 18 саат мурун

    I thought this was about MLP

  • Alyssa Ellis
    Alyssa Ellis 20 саат мурун


  • Shyl Boniao
    Shyl Boniao 20 саат мурун

    Man its scary

  • Karna the new red
    Karna the new red 21 саат мурун

    I love horses even if they evil

  • Science with a kitty
    Science with a kitty 21 саат мурун

    I go through dragon phases and pheonix phases and phases about EVERYTHING except horses! I HATE HORSES!

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    Radiology Sgh 21 саат мурун

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    Eduardo Rodriguez 21 саат мурун

    This is Real

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    Hey snarled is there any possible way that I can send a story a different way?

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    Ŷuki Playz 21 саат мурун +1

    Who watched it at night?

  • Gracelyn Nicole
    Gracelyn Nicole 21 саат мурун

    Can u do a video game one?
    I was in my Minecraft world when I heard an explosion while I was in the swamp. The music went out and the shadows got darker. I looked behind me and there was the explosion. Somehow, bedrock exploded. Then some stuff was on the ground, but the bedrock disappeared. Then I realized that the things on the ground were from my inventory. How did I drop multiple at once? I was definitely confused. So I restarted and thankfully it was normal again. The world had a weird name so I changed it. Sorry I don't feel like e-mailing.

  • Sugar Kookies
    Sugar Kookies 22 саат мурун +4

    *reads the description before watching*
    *is a hardcore ARMY*

    Me: TaEHYunG DOn'T ToUch ThE HOrsE

  • Naomi
    Naomi 22 саат мурун

    How the hell do I catch that

  • Maisy the Angel
    Maisy the Angel 22 саат мурун

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  • Joanne Lippert
    Joanne Lippert 22 саат мурун

    And/ or the kelpie is the dad, I mean because it can take form of a man(adult)

  • Ojas Deokar
    Ojas Deokar 22 саат мурун


  • ID Animations
    ID Animations 22 саат мурун

    I had a goth phase when I was seven. horses sounds much nicer

  • Joanne Lippert
    Joanne Lippert 22 саат мурун

    For some reason, I love the kelpie, and horses, ......
    The Kelpie Has Both horse and horror

  • Cupcake Gamer
    Cupcake Gamer 22 саат мурун +1

    Me:I've always wanted a horse!
    Watches video:*gives friend my hourse

  • Autumn Gordon
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  • GachaPotato
    GachaPotato 22 саат мурун +1

    I have a story, by Fatima. All my life I always it’s been easy to make friends, my life has been ok. I don’t have a very rich family. I live with my two uncles in a small 2 story house. It’s always been a pain in the butt when I’m home alone or when my uncle goes out very quickly. But anyways, my mom left me when I was 5 and my grandmother died 2 years ago and my dad died when I was 5. So, one day my uncle went out for a couple minutes. Maybe 2-3 minutes. I stayed home for a couple minutes but I was really creeped out. Then when my uncle went out, I was downstairs on my favorite little couch chair, while I was sitting down, I heard something upstairs. I got so scared and stayed there still and quiet. Silence. Then my uncle came in and I got scared. He asked me “What’s wrong?” And I said Nothing. About a month later, I was getting ready for school. While I was getting ready, I felt like I was being watched. I was brushing my hair and I looked over to my right. I froze and let go of my hair. There it was. A blurry figure. A black blurry figure. I stood there as it just vanished. I got so creeped out that ran downstairs to do my hair. My uncle was there. Ever since that day. I never will be alone in my room. Ever again.

  • Ender Dragon
    Ender Dragon 22 саат мурун

    *My little Demon*

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    Caseyervi __ 23 саат мурун

    this is only in scotland, rite?

  • killer smile
    killer smile 23 саат мурун

    I wish I could have those moments where I can get a good book and just sit under a tree in the forest and relax but dad would never let me go anywhere since the world is dangerous and the forest isn't a safe place....I'd do anything for just one moment like that

  • Cyclø & Geckø
    Cyclø & Geckø 23 саат мурун

    Kelpie is in Harry Potter

  • Cyclø & Geckø
    Cyclø & Geckø 23 саат мурун

    Oh wait my grandma lives in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Cyclø & Geckø
    Cyclø & Geckø 23 саат мурун

    HeH I’m Scottish

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    Markie OG 23 саат мурун

    Why do she have two eyebrows 🤨

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    Operation Blackout Күн мурун

    Yo i saw her in a porn

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    Rachael Dowling Күн мурун

    My friend’s name is Veronica and we call her V

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    Orshi the Bunny Күн мурун

    One time when I was 7. Used to go to my baby sitter house after I got off the bus but I moved but I still was her daughter she was a grade up so one time my mom car broke down so we went to the baby sitter house because her husband had fixed our car so she went to the house to give him money so we went To the house then my baby sitter daughter told me that she played Charlie Charlie with her friends she told me yesterday she had a boyfriend then she said her was gone so after we played wjth her toys it was time to go home so when me and my mom was walking to the car we heard a ball bounce and bonce by it self
    Please be your next sracy story

  • diamond heart
    diamond heart Күн мурун

    Mom:"thats how your fathet died"

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    xavier michael Күн мурун

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    Jacob Steven Күн мурун

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    simplyy gacha Күн мурун

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    Gacha girl gamer xox xox Күн мурун

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    DGdiamond girl Күн мурун

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    Shingle The Fox-ii Күн мурун

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    - 태 Күн мурун +1

    inspired by V...


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    Kristy Matute Gonzalez Күн мурун


  • Richard Shaw
    Richard Shaw Күн мурун

    The purple story is scary

  • The Grey Panther
    The Grey Panther Күн мурун +1

    And the moral of the story is:
    Tell your kids more faerie tales! It could save their lives!

  • I am Brian
    I am Brian Күн мурун

    was the poster really horses?

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    Meera Albraiki Күн мурун

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    Rasean Guilford Күн мурун +1

    Love the book Where the Red Fern grows😘

  • MzGothic Misdreavus
    MzGothic Misdreavus Күн мурун

    Name: Kelpie
    Type: Dark, Water, Ghost, Legendary
    Sticky Rot
    Attack Power: ??
    Defense: ??
    A mysterious sea beast of Scotland, the Kelpie will lure unsuspecting humans to a body of water to drown them. It appears as a flawless white horse. Steer clear of this trickster!

  • The Clorox CompanyTM
    The Clorox CompanyTM Күн мурун

    shoots hand*
    gives band-aid*

  • MzGothic Misdreavus
    MzGothic Misdreavus Күн мурун

    I remember hearing a similar story my Mr. CreepyMcPasta.....
    The story had a young man tho & the horse was on the other side of the river... & 3 other creatures who would try 2 lure him in 2 let the Kelpie get him.... he fights it in the water & survives.... but is 4ever scarred by the bites.....
    Another Scotish legend Ik about is the Banshee.... ik u did 1 4 the siren but i 4got if you did a Banshee....
    I made this short poem 4 it:
    Never go out @ night alone.
    Never pick up a silver comb!
    Never again will u roam.
    For SHE will take u, flesh & bone...!

  • Nele Plays miitopia/Techno_Rose

    Kelpies are magical Harry Potter creatures. but they can drown people but when you get on its back you're glued. and that's how to drown

  • Ashuteria
    Ashuteria Күн мурун

    So this is off topic and all but the where the red fern grows is actually a really good book it was recommended to me by my fourth grade teacher that was a long time ago though anyway you should read it if you can ^^

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    ZONE Dixidia Күн мурун

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    LaurenTheGreat Күн мурун +1

    Where the Red Fern Grows made me cry and now I'm crying.

  • mr pybro 6701
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    • mr pybro 6701
      mr pybro 6701 Күн мурун


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      +mr pybro 6701 lolol

    • mr pybro 6701
      mr pybro 6701 Күн мурун


    • MM FAN
      MM FAN Күн мурун


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    Everything Anime Күн мурун

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    After this OH HECK NAW
    No more of these videos before bed

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    LaBelleDame DuManor Күн мурун

    There is an old Scottish fairy tale called the Water Bull of Benbecula, it's a story about how a young girl rescues a fairy bull calf from drowning in a bog & years later that same bull (now full grown) saves her from a Kelpie.

  • Bryan Joseph Langa
    Bryan Joseph Langa Күн мурун

    It's funny that their sponsor can help me sleep
    But their videos don't
    Meh... I love the show anyways

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  • Royal high gaming Ocean princess

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